Telephone Answering Skills

In a typical one-day workshop you will:

  • Be able to list the 5 main categories of telephone caller
  • Have a useful battery of tools & techniques to use with various callers
  • Learn particular skills for handling emotional callers
  • Be affirmed in many skills used already
  • Consider the 3 core conditions for effective telephone communication
  • Find out how to avoid taking calls too personally
  • Appreciate the positive effects of good telephone communications
  • Learn about different ways to use your voice in order to be helpful to callers
  • Explore a good range of solution focused questions to use

“I did not realise there were so many helpful and useful tips available.  My confidence has shot up!” – Karen Rusby, Northampton

“Now I feel I needn’t be phased by any type of caller.  Thank you John” – Stefan Gulzinski, Birmingham

“I can see where I was going wrong before.  It is so simple!” – Diane Ambrose, Portsmouth

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