Revisiting Basic Counselling Skills and Some Advanced Skills for Getting Unstuck

In a typical one-day workshop, you will:

  • Understand how good rapport is developed and maintained
  • Learn more about the 3 core conditions of effective interpersonal relationships
  • Appreciate the importance of using mainly open questions
  • Have information on verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Perfect skills in avoiding communication spoilers and other barriers to effective communication
  • Find out how to listen for the main points and themes
  • Develop further, skills in attending, following and reflecting
  • Have information on submissive, assertive and aggressive communication styles
  • Appreciate the difference between use of counselling skills and counselling
  • Learn skills to get both yourself and your service users unstuck

“I hadn’t realised how important a role, non-verbal skills play in good questioning and listening” – Bill Gardiner, Bristol

“I thought I knew everything about basic counselling skills until I came on this course, which has given me so much more” – Brin van der Welle, Bath

“I really appreciated ‘the skills for getting unstuck’, both for my clients and me!” – Louise Rawlinson, Southsea

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