Preventing Suicide Using a Solution Focused Approach

In a typical workshop you will:

  • Be able to apply at least 10 basic tools and techniques of the SFBT model
  • Have acknowledged your existing knowledge and skill base when working with suicidal service users (SUs) and be keen to enhance that effectiveness.
  • Have a good grasp of the basic concepts of solutions approaches to the SU who expresses suicidal ideas.
  • Be confident enough to apply at least three of the specialised solution focused tools learned, into your current working practice with suicidal SUs
  • Feel more comfortable in your dealings with SUs who want to talk about suicide or self harm as an option for dealing with their difficulties
  • Know when, from a risk assessment perspective, to discuss the case and/or receive supervision from appropriate professional colleagues.
  • Appreciate the value and importance of optimism, even when dealing with the most tragic of human circumstances confronting you.

“This workshop should be a must for all mental health professionals dealing with severe depression and people who are feeling suicidal” – Graham Fissenden, Margate

“Some of the specialised tools I have learned, I can see will be of great benefit to clients I see in our Crisis Service” – Kirsten Ahlberg, Karlstad, Sweden

“I can see how this approach can actually prevent people from taking their lives. When a worker instils hope and opens up other possibilities, what choice has a client got other than to stick around and see what happens?” – Elizabeth McCullough, Perth

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