Intensive Solution Focused Brief Therapy Workshops

In a typical 2 or 3 day workshop, you will:

  • Learn over 22 tools & techniques for working with service users
  • Be introduced to solution focused brief therapy as a helpful way of working with service users
  • Have grasped the basic concepts, assumptions and principles of solution focused working
  • Be better at setting goal collaboratively with service users
  • Appreciate how SFBT sits within cognitive behavioural and person-centred approaches
  • Appreciate the difference between solution building, rather than problem solving
  • Be able to appreciate the value of the formula first session task and pre-session change
  • Become skilled in finding clues and keys to solution building
  • Understand how important it is for the work to ‘flow’ from session to session
  • Come away with at least 10 skills to put into immediate effect

“SFBT is such a simple-to-understand and respectful approach to so many problems and concerns.  Thanks for a most enjoyable workshop” – Shelley Henry, Gloucester

“This 3-day SFBT Intensive has both affirmed my current counselling practice and given me a wide selection of new tools & techniques for my toolbag” – Mike O’Brien, Dunfermline

“John explains everything so clearly.  The combination of course handouts, charts, video, live demonstrations and paired exercises, was a good formula” – Mandy Kitchener, Darlington

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