Groupwork Skills

In a typical workshop you will:

  • Demonstrate a heightened self awareness
  • Demonstrate an increased awareness of group processes
  • Describe at least 5 general groupwork skills to ensure groups are run to good effect
  • Describe at least 3 solution focused skills for dealing with stuckness, both in individuals and within the group as a whole
  • Feel more confident in dealing with ‘12-step speak’, the ‘over-theraped’, ‘therapeutic community speak’ and ‘rehab speak’
  • Describe the main features of a solution focused approach, compared with those which are problem focused

“This workshop has so increased my confidence in leading a group. Thanks!” – Michelle Jeffrey, Shoreham-by-Sea

“Up to now, my concerns about running groups were around what group members might say or do. We have looked at so many possible scenarios and how to handle them, that actually, I am now looking forward to my first group!” – John Orton, Salisbury

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