A Solution Focused Approach to Working with Adult Survivors of Child Abuse & Neglect

In a typical 2-day workshop, you will:

  • Have an increased awareness and understanding of abuse & neglect survival work
  • Be provided with a range of effective tools & techniques for use with this client group
  • Experience increased confidence to do this work
  • Be able to list the many types of abuse, neglect and trauma that present
  • Explore the characteristics of ‘Victimhood’, ‘Survivorhood’ and ‘the Authentic Life’ (living the life you richly deserve)
  • Be able to highlight the most helpful and useful questions to ask
  • Hear of the pitfalls when working with survivors of abuse & neglect
  • Appreciate the power of the solution focused approach to bring about a steady and sustained recovery
  • Discover what service users have said they found helpful
  • Have a greater appreciation of the various blocks to disclosure

“I had always assumed, cases of abuse & trauma needed to be passed onto ‘experts’.  From this course, I realise now I have the skills to do this work” – Alexandra Elliot-Brown, Swindon

“A very useful course for a very needy client group.  Thanks” – Pat Dempsey, Catterick

“With what we have learned on these 2 days, I can see that surviviors of abuse & neglect have real opportunities for living life to the full again” – Brian Sinclair, Bulford

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