Life Coaching

Solution focused life coaching can be a terrific way of ensuring that we get the best from all aspects of our life.  As is often quoted:  “This is not a rehearsal – it is the real thing!”  We have one go at making the best of our lives:  and it is never too late to start.  Solution focused life coaching helps individuals from all walks of life accomplish more each day, with less stress;  create a more healthy work-life balance;  develop more confidence in where their life is going;  and, harness their unique strengths, skills and resources to help them get what they want.

Through the coaching process, you will be encouraged to examine your priorities, abilities and passions;  set and achieve realistic and time limited goals;  break free from self-limiting behaviour;  and, gain a supporting partner who will be with you throughout your journey.  

Life coaching sessions may occur as infrequently as bi-monthly or annually.  There is scope, too, for telephone coaching sessions.

The cost benefits of solution focused life coaching can be tremendous.  Everyone who wants to live, rather than exist, should have a life coach.

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