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John Henden Consultancy has been providing training, coaching and consultancy services both to the public and private sector for a number of years.  John Henden, founder, was both a practitioner and manager in the UK National Health Service for some 22 years.  He was in the vanguard of the community mental health movement and participated in both the transfer of services from institutions and to a health (rather than an illness) approach to mental health.

Both before and since his NHS career, John has been keenly interested in a range of different psychotherapies.  From his early beginnings in existential and humanistic psychotherapies, he has now become a leading international figure in the field of Solution Focused Brief Therapy.

John has used his extensive knowledge and expertise to develop, with colleagues, a range of services within John Henden Consultancy, to benefit managers and staff alike.

John Henden Consultancy’s training portfolio (see separate pages), comprises over a dozen packages, covering a range of people development skills.

The Consultancy provides middle managers and senior executives with both solution focused performance coaching and life coaching (see separate page).  Typically, an episode of developmental coaching would be for 4-5 sessions over a period of 5-6 months.Life coaching may be continuous for intermittent periods;  with some face-to-face and some telephone sessions.  It is always tailored to suit individual managers and may be designed for a variety of individual needs which will vary over time.

Consultancy services, provided by John Henden Consultancy comprise mainly of facilitated organisational discussions, help with annual reviews and strategic planning.

At any one time, at least 3 consultants may be called upon, as appropriate, to provide training, coaching, or consultancy to both private and public sector organisations.

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